What You Need

Ready to start selling online? StartLogic provides all kinds of tools and services to help you get started, but first, there are a few key things you need to know. To sell products on your website, you need:

  • The Ability to Accept Payments: Unless you are planning to give away your products for free, your customers will need a way to pay for the products they wish to purchase. What types of payments will you accept? There are lots of options - PayPal, credit cards, phone orders, checks, gift cards, etc. Whatever method(s) you select, these should integrate seamlessly with your shopping cart. StartLogic offers a few complete solutions that we will explain in "Accepting Payments". Some solutions work better if you sell just a few products (typically a charge per transaction), and others work better if you have an active store (typically a monthly charge for a large number of transactions). Be sure to compare these solutions to find one that would work best for your business.

  • Shopping Cart Software: Shopping cart software allows users to place the products they choose online into a virtual shopping cart, and then pay for them once they`ve finished shopping. There are lots of different ways to set up and integrate a shopping cart into your website, which we`ll go over in detail later (see "Creating an Online Store").

  • It may sound complicated, but the good news is all of these tools are available via your hosting account, and we`ll show you what they are and how to use them. There are lots of options when it comes to configuring your site to sell products online, and we`ve designed this guide to explain how to implement the right tools for you.

    Accepting Payments

    What payment options do you plan to offer your customers? While it may seem out-of-step to consider accepting payments before you`ve configured your store, different payment options come with different requirements. You may need to set up a PayPal Business Account or another type of merchant account based on the payment method you choose to accept, and you`ll need this information when you`re ready to create your shopping cart.

    Accept PayPal

    PayPal is another great payment option to consider. Most online shoppers are already familiar with PayPal and recognize it as a secure way to make purchases on the web. It`s also easy to use and gives you lots of flexibility.

    You can fully integrate PayPayl into your website with the "Express Checkout" plan, while the "Standard" and "Pro" plans act as an all-in-one solution. Compare plans to decide which is right for you.